Open 7am - 7pm on Weekdays | 8am - 3pm on Saturdays | Closed on Sundays

Café Nood is a European style coffee shop that offers a variety of freshly prepared meals with quality ingredients delivered daily, from wholesome salads to yummy pastas. Our qualified pastry chef conjures up delightful delicacies from our famous  Creamy Baked Cheese cake to the flour-less Chocolate Nemesis  and everything in between.  Cafè Nood is the place to be to enjoy good company, friendly staff and good food.  Our restaurant is available for hire as a function venue in the evenings and we are fully licensed.






Breakfast is served from 7am till 12h00 noon.

Lunch served from 12am till 6.00pm

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Top Cafés via TripAdvisor by Roseanna McBain on 17 October, 2014

Café Nood is an authentic European-style café that’s tucked away in Claremont and I love them for their banting menu. Popular options include nutty carb-free sandwiches, vibrant salads, and topping-rich pizzas. Reviewers love them for “the fantastic coffee”, “attentive staff”, and “delicious, healthy food”.

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MUNCHWIZE dietitians are located at the Wellness Centre, Quadrant Square, Wilderness rd. Claremont. They are offering a SPRING SPECIAL see attachement.


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redespresso(reg) a new way of being

In the strictest sense, rooibos is not a tea but a herbal infusion, or tisane. It is a staple in the homes of South Africans and, in recent decades, has become increasingly popular globally for its caffeine-free, antioxidant-rich and calming properties, as well as its unique, inherently sweet and earthy taste. The tea/tisane its self comes from a plant called rooibos, which is a shrubby legume indigenous to the Cederberg Mountains in South Africa’s Western Cape. It grows here and nowhere else. When cut and fermented, the leaves of the rooibos plant turn a rich burnt-red colour, and it is this distinctive colour whoich led to the Afrikaans name “rooibos”, meaning “red bush”.

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We have just introduced a new product called “redespresso” to enhance our red cappuccino’s.  Red espresso is 100% best quality Rooibos tea specially ground for use in coffee appliances. Expressed or filtered.

It delivers a strong, full-bodied and sophisticated Rooibos experience.  As Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free, red espresso can be enjoyed during the day or night and is perfect for the whole family. It has 5 x MORE antioxidants than Green Tea.

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The Health Benefits of Cake

When last did you deny yourself a slice of chocolate cake? Perhaps worried about your health? Now let’s take a quick look at what goes into cake. Flour, sugar, eggs, milk, doesn’t sound too bad does it?

So we’ve got carbohydrates! The flour and sugar in cake gives us much needed energy and I can’t think of anyone in today’s rushed world who doesn’t need a bit of that. Then we have milk and eggs, proteins that give us strong teeth and bones. Cakes often also contain fruit which is a source of healthy fibre, so that extra slice of fruitcake you had at Christmas was actually good for you!

Sceptics can bring up the sugar again, the icing, the butter…but at the end of the day, our bodies need oils and fats (naturally in moderation) as much as it needs vitamins. These fats and oils give us energy as well and provide the body with a source for heat. With winter coming up, we’ll all notice ourselves eating a little bit more as our bodies burn energy to keep warm.

And of course there is chocolate. Dark chocolate is well known for its health benefits, and it is said that dark chocolate can reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Being a plant based product dark chocolate is a natural antioxidant as well! Add some nuts and you have a potent mix to increase serotonin and endorphin levels in the body. A delicious road to happiness!

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Meet our Chef!

Our chef, Johnathan Le Roux,  has been with Nood for 3 years now and still manages to come up with something new every day. Cooking and baking allows him to be himself in every way; in his kitchen his very passionate about creating his dishes and new recipes. Nood offers him a quiet and relaxed atmosphere that allows him to be as creative as he fancies. Johno is not out to be famous; he is not trying to be anyone but himself and that’s how we like it. A talented young man from Johannesburg but grew up in the beautiful Cape Province.

Johno studied as a Pastry Chef at Zevenwacht Chef’s School, and it’s a career that seemed to have chosen him rather than the other way around. He makes running the kitchen look easy. With a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to his kitchen, he demands high standards from himself and everyone working with him while maintaining a warm and team-spirited atmosphere.  Johno is delightfully modest; spending more time talking about his staff and guests than himself.  He is a giving and caring character, taking time out of his busy schedule of baking and cooking to also train up his staff; changing scullery staff into cooks and teaching them skills that they could take away with them one day. A big believer in giving back and teaching others what he knows. We believe his talent and skills got him where he is, yet he is far too shy to admit that! During his time at Cafè Nood his has also become and accomplished Chef and enjoys every aspect of cooking.

His food philosophy is simple; cook like you are trying to impress your mother. The guests he finds so much joy from at Nood are all considered his most important critics; and this chef is quick to listen and adapt recipes to his guests’ needs. When he goes home he puts the same effort and care into dinner parties for his friends as the guests at Cafè Nood receive. He never stops giving to those around him, whether it is in training them, teaching them, or simply providing them with a beautiful meal. Functions at Nood are a particular favourite for him simply because he can cater uniquely to the needs of those specific guests, creating something just for that night and that function. It’s also an opportunity to cater to a smaller group for a much more intimate, creative experience.

Together Johnathan and his team are the foundation of Cafè Nood.

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Short history of Cafe’s

People have been enjoying the café spirit for centuries. The first recorded café was opened in Constantinople, Istanbul, in 1555 (although the tradition goes back way further). It was only by the 17th Century that coffee hit Europe, but it did not take long for cafés and coffee houses to spring up everywhere. The first coffee house in Europe appeared in 1645 in Venice; this supports the theory that coffee most likely spread into Europe through Hungary. These days coffee houses and cafes are very much the norm and can be found on just about every corner world-wide, each with its own flair or little something that sets it apart.

Nood Café loves its coffee. We love the rich aromas, the calming qualities and the warm atmosphere that is generated wherever people are gathered around it. We love basking in the bustle of the café every day – there’s no better place to be!

We set ourselves apart with our deep passion for our coffees and our range of unique blends; and of course our chef’s amazing creations. Light and healthy foods as well as scrumptious pastries and cakes go side by side with your hot cuppa; who can resist!

As a spot for a relaxed breakfast meeting or lunch date, or even as a venue for your birthdays and functions, we at Nood Café strive for excellence in every way.

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Located opposite the  Kingsbury Hospital:

The Quadrant Square, Wilderness Road, Claremont

Tel : 021 671 4475

Anton & Margo Dekker

Email :



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